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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Four Venezuelans detained

FOUR VENEZUELAN fishermen whose ages range from 43 to 63 were detained on Thursday afternoon by the Coast Guard and later handed over to the Mayaro Police and Customs and Excise after they were allegedly illegally fishing in waters at Point Galeota.

The Venezuelans remained in custody yesterday as police tried to get an interpreter to allow for formal charges to be laid.

According to reports, at about 3.20 pm on Thursday, officers of the Coast Guard were on patrol along the North Coast when they saw a Venezuelan Vessel named El Continent 2.4 nautical miles off Point Galeota. Officers called on the captain to take the vessel to shore so that it could be examined.

While on shore, officers of the Customs and Excise and Police searched the vessel thoroughly but nothing illegal was found.

It was then discovered the vessel had developed a leak and two of the six occupants were allowed to remain in the vessel under guard while the four others were taken away and placed in a cell at the Mayaro Police Station.

They are expected to be charged with illegally fishing in the territorial waters of Trinidad and Tobago.

Inspector Jurai of the Mayaro police is continuing enquiries.


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