Police kill man in Caroni

It was reported that at about 1.50 am, PCs Hercules and Hosein of the Caroni police station, responded to reports of someone being robbed at cremation site.

On nearing near the cremation site, they saw Gary George Rogers, 31, of Governor Road in Las Lomas, walking along the roadway.

Rogers was asked if he was the victim of a robbery and he said, ‘yes’.

The officers took Rogers into their custody and as they were driving away, he attacked PC Hosein by stabbing him in the neck. Constable Hosein was stabbed once in the neck by Rogers, prompting PC Hercules to draw his service pistol and fire six times, killing Rogers.

PC Hosein lost control of the vehicle which ran off the roadway and crashing into a nearby ditch.

The officers radioed for help and both were taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where they were treated and discharged. Rogers’ body was taken to the Forensic Science Centre in St James for an autopsy.

Investigators from the TTPS Professional Standards Bureau are spearheading investigations


"Police kill man in Caroni"

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