Cops waiting on DPP’s go-ahead

The two suspects from La Lune and Basse Terre Villages in Moruga were held on Saturday last, just one day after gunmen shot Sirverio during a robbery at Marva’s Bar located at La Ruffin Road, Moruga.

Sirverio, 23, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Princes Town Area Hospital. He was among several patrons who were liming at the popular bar when three gunmen stormed the business place and announced a robbery.

Police investigators said the gunmen ordered patrons to lie on the ground. However, during the commotion, Sirverio panicked and attempted to run out of the bar. He was shot in the stomach.

Before making their getaway, the gunmen robbed another Dominican Republic national — Reynaldo De La Cruz — of US$5,000. Sirverio was rushed to hospital but subsequently died. The Spanish-speaking national was staying at a house in Bois Jean Jean, a short distance from where the crime occurred.

Police officers at the Moruga Police Station conducted inquires and less than 24 hours later arrested the two men, ages 27 and 29. PC Nanlal is investigating.


"Cops waiting on DPP’s go-ahead"

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