Rachel Price sues ‘The Gladiator’

COMEDIENNE Rachel Price has sued radio announcer Ricardo “The Gladiator” Welch and Radio Vision Limited (Power 102 FM) for damages of libel and slander.

The writ was filed in the Port-of-Spain High Court Registry yesterday by attorneys Kelvin Ramkissoon and Om Lalla. Price, who lives at La Puerta Avenue, Diego Martin, is seeking damages for libel and slander contained in a Power 102 radio programme entitled “The Power Breakfast Show’’ on September 11 of this year. Price is claiming that Welch falsely and maliciously broadcast or caused to be broadcast matters concerning her in the way of her profession or business or occupation. In her writ, Price listed verbatim, the transcript of what was alleged to have been said on the radio programme. Price claimed that the words have gravely injured her character, credit and reputation. She added that she has been brought into public scandal, odium and contempt.


"Rachel Price sues ‘The Gladiator’"

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