Derek’s art is everywhere

Airbrush artist Derek Clifford is blessed with exceptional talent.

Step into his Universal Airbrush Works and you are captured by the fascinating designs. Derek has been involved in airbrush painting for about 12 years.

He and friend Damian Goodridge practise their craft at the Excellent City Mall, Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain. Damian has been in the business for eight years.

The duo both worked at the People’s Mall in the same type of business for five years.

"With this type of work, practice makes perfect," declared the self-taught Derek.

"I was into construction when I was younger, but I have always been drawing... since school."

The 36-year-old applies his skill on almost anything! Derek’s creations can be seen on sneakers, hats, jeans, phones, cars and even on some bodies.

Yet, Derek is not totally pleased with the recognition given to airbrush artists and the industry.

"We are never able to get the full price or the full recognition we deserve."

Derek pointed that the paint and most of the airbrush materials were imported from America. This, he said, is a huge obstacle since it takes a long time to get here and it is quite costly. Nevertheless, he plans to expand in future. And, despite all of the obstacles, customers get their job requests delivered within two hours.

Derek also offers classes with flexible hours and said that from the response it is quite clear that the demand and interest in airbrushing techniques are growing.

There is no organisation of airbrush artists but Derek revealed that plans are on the drawing board for a few of them to come together to do an exhibition.


"Derek’s art is everywhere"

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