Deron's transforming makeovers

Deron Attzs has been a top hair stylist for the last 15 years. He is also a clothing designer, fashion stylist, inter decor/store window dresser, and personal shopper. He has been leased with Rick Davey of BET’s 106 and Park, not to mention various beauty pageants around Trinidad and Tobago. On a personal level, he works with male and female clients, and models, including plus-size individuals — giving tips, advice, and helping them find their own style. When Attzs performs his magical makeovers, the clothes he choses are not just what’s in fashion at the moment or what to wear — it’s about making a statement. He encourages his clients to get to the gym and will even accompany them. He also encourages them to develop the mind, adjust their attitude, and take advantage of all the moments in life.

“Now we have a ‘soca industry’ in Trinidad and Tobago,” Attzs noted. “As a music industry, soca artistes are getting a lot of attention. It is important to remember that the world is now looking at and listening to what we are doing. Therefore, we can’t just do and wear what we want.” Attzs points to Michelle from Second Image as one example of what he spoke about. He loves her look and finds her style very appropriate and modern. “Her look is that of an artiste with a wide range. That is important because image sells you to the public more than your music does and your image is supposed to relate to your music. There is a lot of room for improvement in some of our local artistes.” He believes a stylist is both necessary and important. “Many personal assistants need to upgrade themselves and if that can’t be done, he encourages artistes to have a personal assistant and a stylist.”

Attzs has also worked with many companies, such as NGC and bpTT, dressing employees for 2006 fetes. Now, he is offering his services to the public. As a stylist and personal shopper, he knows all the stores, what they have, and their price ranges. “I’m the best person to call with a small budget because I know where to find what you’re looking for to suit you pocket and I love challenges.” He admits stores tend to dictate what styles the country wears — if that’s what all the stores stock, people will buy it.

“However,” he added, “even if you have the same clothes everyone else wears, you’re not suppose to look like everyone else.” Two of Attzs’ clients spoke to Newsday about their experiences: Cheryl-Ann Hutchinson, a 35-year-old, stay-at-home mom, was scheduled to attend a popular function. It was a while since she had “dressed up” and she wanted to stand out so she called Attzs as she had heard about his work. “When he was done, I felt so glamorous and special!” Cheryl exclaimed. “Being married with children, I didn’t feel very attractive and so it was rare that I dressed up. Deron brought the stuff for my hair, my clothes, he just encouraged me and filled me with confidence.” Cheryl received another confidence boost when her husband saw her. He loved her look and she could tell he was proud to have her on his arm.

Tishar Edwards was always interested in modelling. She knew Attzs as he was once her hair stylist. She also knew he was now associated with pageants and models. She asked if she would fit the criteria for a model, and he encouraged her to give it a try. She was signed up for the San Fernando Fashion Week and Attzs helped her all the way. “He played such a huge part in my transition into a model,” Tishar said. “He gave me tips on how to walk, he did my hair, he worked with me on the clothes etc. He gave me confidence, helped me, and motivated me to believe in myself.” Attzs also introduced her to the Miss Central Carnival Competition, which she won.

“He’s also a terrific costume designer,” she added. “He did my dress, my costume, my hair; he helped me with everything.” Because of her exposure in this competition, Tishar also went on to compete in the Miss Sugar and Energy Competition in which she was the first runner up — again Attzs assisted. Since then, many other opportunities have opened up to her because of his work. Attzs also is the director of Simpli Smooth Productions and of the Miss City of San Fernando Pageant. He will soon begin screening on March 12 for the 2006 Caribbean Model Search in Jamaica. Emphasis will be placed on body, personality, and having a unique style/look. Hairstyle and wardrobe will be handled by Attzs. Screening will also begin for the 2006 Miss South Mature Pageant after Carnival. Women  30-55, married or single, with or without children, are free to enter. For more information  e-mail Attzs at


"Deron’s transforming makeovers"

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