‘Heat’ from Kulaz

Have you felt the heat for Carnival? If not then you should be listening to Australian Soca group “Kulaz” with their already hot Soca single “Heat Wave.” The band comprises of Trinidadian vocalist Crawford Webb and his Australian wife Brooke Webb. Kulaz despite being a new band in the soca arena in TT, they have managed to launch a music video for “Heat Wave,” and have been receiving a lot of airplay for the Carnival season. Speaking about the song “Heat Wave,” Brooke joked that everything she has listened to so far out of Carnival has been about ‘fire, fire’ from 2005 International Soca Monarch winner Bunji Garlin.

“We wanted to make a play on words using ‘soca’ and ‘heat,’ you know—- a Soca heat coming to Trinidad,” said Brooke. The singing couple said they have been getting really good responses from the public for their song “Heat Wave,” with Brooke joking that the crowd loved to respond with the ‘wining.’ The duo have done a couple sidewalk jams and performed at an opening concert with Carl Jacobs. Crawford who is originally from Pleasantville, San Fernando, left Trinidad in 1993 to meet a relative in Australia and wounded up joining the band Trinidad Calypso Band (TCB).

Crawford first started off his career in the soca world as a percussionist and back-up vocalist with band Air Force, which is now known as Traffik. Crawford was also a member of the Pleasantville Folk performers, NLCB Fonclaire, TTEC Motown and New Wave. In Australia he continues to play his music and owns a small business. Crawford’s significant other, Brooke, started singing at age 16, and went into opening her own karaoke business, admitting that she always liked to dance. Brooke met Crawford in Australia while doing a compilation album with an artiste from Barbados, and both decided to stick to their own music. The Webbs will be in Trinidad until the end of March and interested persons who wish to contact them on their music can call Sheldon Mendosa at 727-6228.


"‘Heat’ from Kulaz"

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