Soul Unity Respect, God and Enjoyment

FOR FIVE years they were known as "The Klan" and when they decided it was time to broaden their horizon a name change was the first move.

David Walker, Nicholas Walker, Kwesi Austin, Tigana Duncan, Brandon Lewis and Dwayne LaBarrie felt their name The Klan was too close to the white supremacist group the Klu Klux Klan.

Their choreographer, Marlon was talking about the surge of energy coming from the group at their rehearsals and the new name of the group just came up. The guys sat down and came up with Soul, Unity, Respect, God and Enjoyment (SURGE).

The horizon to members of Surge is the international marketplace where they can ply their trade and this year they seem destined to go beyond Trinidad and Tobago. The Dondonald Street-based group came up with a song called "In Your Time" and it has taken this country by storm with

almost every child in this town singing and dancing to the song.

According to the group’s manager, "We never expected such a response to this song. The guys are so popular they are performing at all the major fetes and shows for this Carnival. They even have bookings in New York already." Recently they dubbed themselves the local "Soca Boy Band" and are very pleased with their performances to date. They are in the finals of the Groovy Soca Monarch competition which is scheduled for Carnival Friday at the National Stadium.


"Soul Unity Respect, God and Enjoyment"

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