Abdul's soap craft

Almost four years ago, Abdul Hakeem developed his unique craft of moulding soap into statues of animals and people, like one would do with clay. The Diego Martin resident who actually hails from San Fernando credited only God as his inspiration and described the process involved in creating his small works of art. “About three or four years ago, God gave me the idea to do this and so I did. On that day, I just took some bars of soap and grated it up and kneaded it like flour,” he said. “I left it like that for about three days and then I kneaded it again and I realised it was like putty, like  clay, you know,” explained Hakeem.

Hakeem described that at first he made the sculptures smoothly and that it was only after he studied the pattern of bird feathers and such for a bit, that he got the idea to use a piece of aborite (a material used to make counter tops) to carve designs on his creations. This art is not merely a hobby for Hakeem though. He wishes that it be used as a craft which the youth can dedicate themselves to so that they may stop committing crimes. “I want this God sent art to somehow contribute to fighting crime. If I teach them to sculpt, then maybe they would stop all the gang war and thing. If any institution, Government or private that is willing to help me take it to the youth would be greatly appreciated.” Abdul Hakeem sells his statues out of his Andrew Street, Diego Martin, residence and can be contacted at 778-8779.


"Abdul’s soap craft"

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