Pet lovers support frozen dog owner

Several persons called Newsday’s offices as well as Baksh, expressing sympathy and offering support.

Baksh, of San Fernando, has kept her dog frozen in a freezer because she intends to take the dead animal to Las Vegas for an autopsy.

She contends that a vet’s diagnosis and treatment of her pompek “Tammy” resulted in its death on May 27.

Yesterday, Grace Seemungal, wife of Sakal Seemungal the former president of the Trinidad and Tobago Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, praised Baksh for her courage.

Seemungal told Newsday, “Pets, especially dogs, are very loyal to humans and I think Baksh is also being loyal to her pet. A lot of other people out here are suffering the same way she is because of a vet’s negligence.

“They cannot afford to do what she is doing. I praise her for her courage and her sensitivity to her pet.”

Another caller Barbara Sammy told Newsday, “When you know that the vet is the one at fault, once you can afford it, you should take the vet to task. I support her in her move.”

Baksh told the Newsday yesterday that she would be making arrangements with a local vet for the dog’s first autopsy.

A death certificate is a condition for transport of the dog abroad.


"Pet lovers support frozen dog owner"

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