Petrotrin/ExxonMobil firm up deal

This drilling programme is another step in the three-year exploration contract that ExxonMobil signed with Petrotrin for work in the Soldado Field area in the Gulf of Paria, the company said.

The US$25M programme included the reprocessing of existing 3D seismic data (500sqkm), acquisition of new seismic, drilling of three exploratory wells and training for State Oil company employees, it was noted. In September 2004 Petrotrin concluded the acquisition of a 300 sq km 3D seismic survey over the North marine Area of the Gulf of Paria.

Division Geologist Archie said the targeted area is relatively untouched as the last exploration well was drilled there by Trinmar in 1974.

“They had Manzanilla-Nariva Sands as their target and none were found so the well was considered to be a dry hole,” he said.

With the new deal with Exxon Mobil, Archie believes the company stands to benefit significantly from this programme.

“We estimate that drilling should last for about 77 days,” he said. “Once the well is completed we should be able to assess our results.”

Petrotrin is engaged in a number of other joint venture drilling programmes.

It is currently engaged in drilling the Kingbird-1 well with BHP Billiton in Block 3a. But BHP Billiton is the operator.

With Talisman as the operator, Petrotrin has also entered into a joint venture to drill the Shandon Beni-1 well in the Eastern Block, which will be targeting the Cretaceous reservoirs. In addition to these, plans are in place to begin drilling with British Gas in the Central Block.

This programme will target the Miocene reservoirs.

Petrotrin has also partnered with EOG, bpTT and the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC) to drill the Deep Ibis Well, the country’s deepest exploration well so far. “And we are drilling wells in the North Coast Marine Area with bpTT,” Archie added.

These wells will be targeting the gas sands, which are currently being produced in the Hibiscus area.

Petro Canada and Eni are also partners in this joint venture, the company said.


"Petrotrin/ExxonMobil firm up deal"

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