Sexy Tricia stars in Massive Chutney tent

Meanwhile, Massive’s tent will open in grand style with a line-up of top singers and dancers. Former Chutney Monarch Kerry Ramgobin will share Massive’s tent with Ramnarine “Molly” Bridgelalsingh, and Budram Holass, Rex East, Sexy Jozan, and Riad Sultan for this year’s presentation.

“Massive” himself will deliver his two new Chutney and Calypsos for this year’s Carnival. His own compositions include ‘Against A Wall’ and “The Devil and You.”

Speaking from his home in Marabella, Massive said despite the hardships involved in promoting a tent for Carnival, he has once more taken up the task.

“There is a need to promote the Chutney and Soca artistes that have not been able to secure a place in the ‘big’ shows taking place in the country,” he said. He emphasised that there are a number of good compositions that fall by the wayside, and he believes it is his responsibility to promote these artistes. He said the purpose of tents is for singers to voice their views via Calypsos and Chutney tunes.

He noted that the tents really bring the soul of Calypso and Chutney to the people, wherever they are. This is why he chooses to do a “roving tent” which will be travelling all over the country. He said people of the regular areas look forward to the tent and this has motivated him to keep producing for Carnival.

“Massive” voiced his concern for the escalating crime situation in the country in his song “Against A Wall.” As the line of the song goes, “Ah heed the call, and ah stumble and fall but this soldier doh intend to crawl.” The song deals with rising food prices, the kidnappings and murders, and the escalating crimes among citizens.

The next stop for “Massive” will be at the Old Market Auditorium in Princes Town on January 27.

Then he will be doing an award ceremony and Carnival show on February 2 at the Aranjuez Creation Ground. His committee plans to award six persons who have excelled in culture in TT. The names will be revealed at a later date.

On February 3, the tent will be at the Youngstars Creation Ground in Felicity, Chaguanas.

Then it is time for the Rio Claro show at the Triangle on February 4. This show is free to the public and there will be presentations of old mas and moko jumbies.

The tent’s next stop will be at the Submarine Sports Bar carpark in Fanny Village, Main Road, Point Fortin, on February 10. The tent then goes to the Moonlighting Pub in Tunapuna for a $20 show.

As Carnival approaches, Massive will take the tent to the Carat Shed in Marabella on February 11 for another free show before it heads to Couva Car Park on February 15, and the Net Bar at Orange Field Road, Carapichaima, on February 16.

The last two shows are carded for Highway Heaven on February 17 and on February 18 at the Monroe Road Community Centre.

His curtain number will take place at the Ramsingh’s Plaza in Couva on Carnival Tuesday where five bands will be playing live music.


"Sexy Tricia stars in Massive Chutney tent"

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