Airline reviewing cargo policy

While they declined to reveal exactly what changes were being looked at, the officials said it was a work in progress and would involve the streamlining of several areas of the airline’s cargo operations.

The officials reiterated that these changes were necessary because BWIA and Caribbean Airlines were two entirely different entities and it was not a case of simply implementing the former’s cargo policy in the latter’s operations.

They explained that the new cargo policies will be in keeping with international standards and employ the latest technologies for the benefit of both the airline and its customers.

Caribbean Airlines currently offers two types of cargo services, Caribbean Airlines Cargo and Caribbean Airlines JetPak. The former deals with the transportation of cargo within the Caribbean and to North America and Europe. The items moved by this service range from perishable goods (such as flowers and live tropical fish) to heavy specialist equipment (such as medical supplies and computer equipment).

“Each cargo type requires dedicated and specialist handling, an area of expertise we have developed over many decades,” the officials stated.

Caribbean Airlines JetPak is a courier service for small packages and documents. Officials said JetPak is an airport-to-airport and door-to-door service.


"Airline reviewing cargo policy"

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