3 face Zen fracas charges

The charges for use of obscene language, assault by beating and occasioning bodily harm are expected to be laid today.

The file on the incident was submitted to Snr Supt Waldron on Tuesday, and yesterday after perusing the statement and other documents attached to the file, the senior officer passed on the file to Inspector Deodath Dulalchan of the Belmont police to facilitate the charging of the three men.

Newsday learned the police will today begin laying the information at the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ Court and then they will either proceed by summons or warrant to have the three men charged.

Sergeant Siewdass, of the Belmont Police Station, was instructed yesterday to carry out that exercise. Deputy Police Commissioner Winston Cooper was informed late yesterday by Snr Supt Waldron of his decision to lay the charges.

It is alleged that two persons, Brandis Brown and Russel Pollonais, of Princes Town were injured in the fracas. Soca star Machel Montano and his entourage were at the club that night, but the entertainer has emphatically and publicly denied that he was involved in the fracas. Pollonais spent two days at hospital and was discharged while Brown retained the services of attorney Anand Ramlogan in the matter.


"3 face Zen fracas charges"

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