Group tackles nurses’ dismissals

The Council is the regulatory body for nurses for adjudication in accordance with the Nurses and Midwives Registra-tion Act No 30 of 1960. Following investigations, Health Minister John Rahael announced on May 24 that the nurses were fired and the matter referred to the Nursing Council for action. In a newspaper advertisement on Sunday, the TTRNA said it empathised with the family of Paul recognising the pain caused by the injury and did not condone any act or acts which jeopardised the health and welfare of patients.

“We view the incident which occurred to be most unfortunate, acknowledging that the responsibility of the nursing personnel is to always provide safe, quality nursing care for all clients/patients,” the advertisement stated.

However, it also viewed the incident in which the nurses were dismissed as “harsh and oppressive.”

The TTRNA said the nurses were not given the opportunity to “discuss what happened.”

It reminded that good human resource practice dictated that any worker on a disciplinary charge should be given an opportunity to be heard.

The TTRNA called for all Regional Health Authorities to comply with standard procedures for investigating adverse incidents such as the Paul case.

It also asked that in the interest of clients/patients health care and to avoid similar future occurrences, thorough investigations be conducted which “consider all circumstances surrounding issues related to the systemic shortcomings and other circumstances which led to the unfortunate incident.”

It said the lessons learnt should serve as a reminder for the future.

Meanwhile, the Public Services Association is yet to meet with the management of the NCRHA to discuss the dismissal. Despite letters and calls to the NCRHA last week, the PSA yesterday said there was no response.

The CEO of the NCRHA, Charles Mitchell did not answer his cell phone yesterday.

The PSA has said the nurses were denied due process when they were verbally fired on May 25 at a tribunal hearing. They received written notification at their homes later that day. They were on leave and were summoned on May 24 to appear before the tribunal. The same day Health Minister via the post-cabinet media briefing announced they were fired.


"Group tackles nurses’ dismissals"

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