The Cacique Awards 2007

Theatre Workshop’s production of Walcott’s Beef, No Chicken won awards for Supporting actor (Noel Blandin); Supporting actress (Theresa Awai); Most outstanding actor (Glenn Davis); Most outstanding actress (Susan Hannays-Abraham); Outstanding director (Mervyn de Goeas); Outstanding comedic production, Set design and most outstanding production overall.

Reaping half as many Cacique Awards, The 3 Canal Bacchanal Show earned awards for sound, lighting, costume design and original script.

The Evaluator’s Award for best musical direction went to Jessel Murray for the UWI Chorale’s production of Fiddler on the Roof, which also won an Evaluator’s Award for Best choreography.

The Last of the Redman won the most outstanding dramatic production, while Eric Barry’s Paradise Garage (based on a concept of Geoffrey Sealy) tied with 3 Canal for Most Original Script.

The 2007 Vanguard Award went to Noble Douglas and the Lilliputian Theatre, the NDATT Caribbean Award to Alvin Bully of Jamaica, and the Lifetime Achievement Award to Senator Dr Eastlyn Mc Kenzie.

Beginning, ending and providing a break between awards, “Philomena” (Debra Millard) entertained in her own inimitable style, singling out President Maxwell George Richards, Culture Minister Joan Yule Williams and other VIPs for some fatigue, then, when safely back on stage, kept the audience roaring with laughter at her comments on politicians, parliamentarians and overweight law enforcement officers.

Unlike the Oscars (and some previous Cacique Award shows) the 18th Annual Cacique Award production was (to use an antique, but apt term) ‘snappy’ moving smoothly along from “Philomena’s” first appearance to “The Cast” of Kurtis Gross, Conrad Parris, Mervin de Goes, Theresa Hope and Shannalee De Freitas saying, in song, all the thanks necessary for the winners when accepting their awards — a hint taken by some but not all.

Two hours after the 7.30 pm start, with only one half-minute hiccup to find a missing, but vitally important envelope, the 18th Cacique Award ceremony ended with plenty of food and drink in the foyer of the Queen’s Hall.


"The Cacique Awards 2007"

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