Police to protect and serve with ‘Pride’

“The Government has since 2002 embarked on a National Plan for transformation of the society by the year 2020. In its vision 2020 operational plan 2007 - 2010, two of its expected outcomes of the reform process are included: A society free from the scourge of rampant crime in its manifestations and where the justice system is transparent, impartial, swift and incorruptible and anchored in the rule of the law. Also a society with a value system firmly rooted in the principles of morality, equity and justice,” Roach said.

“The police service in its thrust to further deepen its transformation philosophy has embarked on a process of re-branding, aimed at creating a completely new image for itself. In this regard, the motto has been modified to read: ‘To Protect and Serve with Pride’,” he added.

He revealed that the word “Pride” in the new logo was an acronym.

“P represents presence and our commitment to make available a heavy police presence in our communities, R is for relationships, to develop relationships among officers and also within the communities, to inject respect and good manners in our officers, I is for image, changing our officers in a balanced way to mannerly, friendly, D is for devotion, preparing them to be reliable and objective officers and allowing them to go according to the law and not their personal views and E is for efficiency, for them to be able to deal quickly and appropriately with any given situation, also to inject a certain level of knowledge in our officers,” Roach said.


"Police to protect and serve with ‘Pride’"

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