Cops to lobby for pay after Carnival

Bruce admitted that there are some serious issues to be addressed but a sick-out was not and will not be sanctioned at this time.

“We have issues, serious issues like the non-payment of overtime to officers. The Guard and Emergency Branch officers and the Special Reserve Police officers are suffering. They have not been paid overtime for the last year. However we cannot be irresponsible and stage any kind of sick-out because it would affect the entire public and even our families,” Bruce said.

“We expect Carnival to run smoothly, the officers are responsible and they take their job serious. Yes we want our issues addressed but not at the price of endangering the public.”

Bruce regretted though that officers have been putting out time and energy into their extra duties but they are not being paid for their efforts.

He said the association spoke with and wrote Police Commissioner Trevor Paul on the issue two months ago but it is yet to receive a reply from him.

“We expect that the commissioner to help. He has to give the directive but he does not have the power of the Ministry (of National Security).

He has to wait on the Minister of National Security (Martin Joseph) to provide the funds,” Bruce said.

Bruce assured the public that they need not worry because as far as he and the association are concerned officers will be out in their numbers to protect and serve today and tomorrow.

“We at the association urge the law abiding citizens to bear with the police while they carry out their duty and remember that the actions taken by police officers are for their own safety so that they can play their mas in peace.”

Last Thursday, officers in all police divisions warned there may be a sick-out unless the police executive and Government gave them the assurance that they will be paid outstanding overtime money due to them.


"Cops to lobby for pay after Carnival"

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