PM should send Joseph to Guyana

Viewing him on television the other night, standing as it were, in the true presidential settings “a la USA” Mr Manning appeared pleased as punch hosting and entertaining his Barbadian counterpart.

So heady must have been the atmosphere, both leaders were heard to comment on the recent massacres in Guyana, and the retirement of Cuban president Fidel Castro, with the usual platitudes about what a great friend and hero he was apparently forgetting the thousands of Cubans who fled their native land, many dying at sea in makeshift boats and rafts in their effort to escape political persecution under Castro. Then up comes Mr Manning, promising to send special arms and a helicopter to help Guyana. What special arms you may ask? Maybe weapons that can shoot around corners if it is the same arms that our security forces have been using and have thus far been unable to deal with our criminals here at home, how much more successful can we expect it to be on the mainland.

Let me suggest to Mr Manning, he should also send the blimp, all the rest of helicopters at his disposal, all the Coast Guard vessels, and most of all, Mr Martin Joseph to assist in Guyana, because these assets, both material and personnel are not serving any meaningful purpose here at home.


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"PM should send Joseph to Guyana"

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