Spotlight on local celebrities

The publication of TT’s youth culture covers 400 pages of history and 180 features of young heroes, each giving accounts of their lives and struggles. There are also 1,000 exclusive full colour glossy pictures of these young heroes.

In addition, there are features on native Trinbagonians who are making waves in Hollywood, Broadway, London, Bollywood, France, the Mid-East, Africa, Australia.

Under the heading of “Music” the following bands and musicians are covered: Ataklan, Isaac and Eldon Blackman, Iwer George, Amar and the Kiskeedee, Kidred, and Boyz. Under the heading of “Elders and Ancestors” there are in depth stories on Meastro, Sundar Popo, Ras Shorty, Super Blue, Kalyan, Winnifred Atwell, and Billy Ocean.

Under the heading of “Authors and Scholars”, names such as Wayne Brown, VS Naipaul and Alfred Mendes are featured. TT’s beauty queens, Keneisha Thom, Penny Commissiong, and Geselle Laronde-West also get full coverage, along with icons Tubal Uriah Butler, CLR James, Peter Minshall, Leroi Clarke, Kitchener, and John La Rose. There is also a huge feature of the Soca Warriors and their stint at the World Cup in Germany.

According to the editor and founder of this magazine, Rubadiri Victor, there was a need to do a full colour glossy magazine on the stars of TT who have gained international recognition.

“I am afraid that these people who challenge the world in sport, culture and beauty are forgotten. I feel that people need to know who they are what they are about in a glance,” he said.


"Spotlight on local celebrities"

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