Priest’s statement

It is extremely regrettable that this violent shedding of blood in our country continues and the Justice System in this land continues to be smeared and stained by this blood as well. The nation cries to heaven for vengeance.

The Assumption parish community waited in anxiety on what we foresaw, which eventually came to pass. Having carried Harold for the past 20 years and more, the community knew the man in his strengths and weaknesses.

It took two murders in the area to bring us to that important decision to discontinue the practice of facilitating him with daily financial charity since it was clear that his life and the community members own as well were in danger. Our decision stopped this and arranged its availability through the SVP and recommended him to keep out of sight, since his assailants knew where to find him.

The financial charity that he so desperately sought did not help him improve himself after all these years, but allowed him to obtain what he perceived as urgent for his survival.

The media reports indicate where he was gunned down and spent his last moments of social pleasure.

He died in an atmosphere in which he sought satisfaction almost daily, where financial charity supported his demand. His assailants knew that since he would not be found on the church compound, the atmosphere of social pleasure remained the only other venue to find him.

The first two murders occurred near a bar, where it all started. It was in a similar situation it finally ended.

The community lifted his soul up in prayer yesterday, Monday the 7th, and commended him to the mercy and forgiveness of God.


"Priest’s statement"

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