An array of artists and expressions

Justin Sobion’s solid figure seemed to be hastening slowly as he/she glanced over her/his shoulder in a surprisingly rural scene in Soweto. One has the persistent image of a sprawling township but a few minutes’ research on the Internet informs that there is a golf course in Soweto, and, presumably parks as well to inspire this piece.

The most amusing piece on exhibit is Pat Farrell-Frederick’s abstract collage “Rhythm of the Sneeze” — which needs no further comment, being the best description, in the graphic arts, of the Sneeze.

The lone mosaic in the exhibition, “Bodies in Motion” by Yvonne Thomas, is simple, direct, almost serene — despite the gymnastics of the figures in this small piece.

“Trio” by Karen de Verteuil is another example of less being more. There is no need to dot the “i’s”, to cross the “t’s” by filling in the faces of these musicians, the body language says all that needs to be said of making music, Trini style.

The crisis in Alicia De Lima’s acrylic is more of a threat to the 21st rather than the 20th Century as the title suggests, sea level rise being as much, if not more of a threat to small islands today than it was eight years ago — no thanks to the most economically powerful (to date) nation in the world today using fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow.

Colin Boothman’s “Matilda” is something of an enigma. Why walk the seashore with an umbrella — or has she only just landed in Venezuela, courtesy the umbrella she used to soar across the Gulf of Paria? Whatever the reason, she is a delight and drew many an eye at the May Themed Exhibition.

“View from Salybia Resort” by Fraulein Rudder is an unassuming land/seascape, a view of rest and relaxation, far from the frantic pace of Port-of-Spain or San Fernando.

Will I ever have enough money to buy one of Habib Jashoor’s sensuous wood carvings, to take it home and caress it day by day? I fear not. This year his Samaan Burl “Akasa” is on a less formidable scale but none the less seductive ...

The T&T Art Society’s May Themed Exhibition “Rhythm .. Movement .. Space” continues Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm until June 2.


"An array of artists and expressions"

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