Imbert: Children’s Authority Bill soon

The Bill adjusts the Children’s Authority Act which was assented to on November 2, 2000, but was never proclaimed as law.

Imbert was answering a question at the post-Cabinet media conference at Whitehall about the tragedy that has saddened and outraged the nation. The Bill was introduced to the House of Representatives on May 2.

Imbert said: “With respect to the Children’s Authority Bill, that is on the order paper. Certainly, it will be dealt with as the next item of Government business at the next sitting of the Parliament when there is Government business. I would take heed of the point ...and see whether we need to schedule an extraordinary sitting to perhaps get the thing going, but it certainly is the next item of Government business on our agenda.”

Questioned about what had been done with the findings of the report of the investigation into the death of four-year-old Amy Emily Anamunthodo who on May 15, 2006 was found raped and beaten to death at Union Road, Marabella.

Imbert said: “With respect to the Monica Barnes report, that is the subject of a question before the Parliament. A question has been filed by the Opposition for some time now, with respect to the findings and recommendations of the Monica Barnes inquiry into that matter. As far as I can recall, that answer will be delivered very shortly . I think the answer has been settled and the Minister of Social Development will be answering that question very shortly and giving a full account of exactly what the Government intends to do with respect to the findings and recommendations of that particular inquiry.”


"Imbert: Children’s Authority Bill soon"

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