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Friday 23 March 2018

Pandays side with abandoned animals

ABANDONED animals in this country have new political allies in the Panday family.

UNC Political leader Basdeo Panday, his wife Oma and daughter Mickela, the Member of Parliament for Oropouche West, were official guests at the launch of Animals Alive, an NGO geared towards fighting for animal rights. The launch took place last week at Hair By Jowelle on Independence Avenue, San Fernando.

The Oropouche West MP was vehement in her support of an official sanctuary for abandoned animals. She called for the fazing out of breeding animals for profit. In addition to this Panday said a public education programme is needed to teach people about animal population control.

“An unspayed male and female dog could add up to 2048 pups in five years,” said Panday.

Panday also wants mandatory registration and neutering of all animals. She is promising the six-member team of Animals Alive that political lobbying is on its way for mistreated animals.

“I will ensure that the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation and the Siparia Regional Corporation (SRC) helps with advertising pounds in the area,” said Panday.

The Pandays are calling for an official organisation to investigate and prosecute instances of cruelty to animals.

Echoing Panday’s sentiments is President of Animals Alive, Kathryn Cleghorn, who said that Southern branches of the Trinidad and Tobago Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TTSPCA) are not managed well. Cleghorn said the TTSPCA functions without the help of government funds. In this regard Animals Alive focuses on stray, abandoned and abused animals.


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