Soca and calypso unite!

Speaking at a media conference at Cascadia Hotel, St Ann’s, yesterday, Chief Executive Officer of CPF, Gregory Hernandez, said that the signed referendum represents a strategic alliance between both parties for the development of the artform.

“We have decided to form an alliance to address the needs of calypso and soca within the national Carnival, which is crucial for the development and growth of the artform and will benefit the national community,” Hernandez said. Hernandez added that while recognition is given to Calypso Mas and the Steelpan, there is little recognition for Soca.

“On many occasions Carnival has been launched without mention of Soca. No one mentions the soca artistes within the national Carnival. It has come to a situation where CPF has not been given the true recognition it has deserved in dealing with representatives from the Government and other members of the private sector,” he said.

To combat this, both parties have signed a “referendum of understanding”, which addresses core areas in which they will operate with each other which include: generic orientation, education and training in areas of common interest, mutual recognition of each other’s competitions, developing and maintaining a research library and providing business representation for calypsonians and soca artistes.

Meanwhile, President of TUCO, Taylor said that the referendum represents a sincere effort to bring all aspects of our local music together. “This will send a signal to the rest of the world that there is no soca artiste and there is no calypso artiste; we are not divided. All of us are one people, with one music and TUCO’s mission is to embrace all, he said.

The media conference was attended by top names in the soca and calypso industry, including veteran calypsonian, Allrounder (Anthony Herndricks) and Iwer The Boss George.


"Soca and calypso unite!"

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