Fay-Ann to get her $1M

In a release late yesterday CPF head Gregory Fernandez apologised for his organisation’s “misinterpretation” of the Minister’s position which he said they now recognised as “a recommendation and not a directive.”

Earlier in the day when Sunday Newsday spoke to Fay-Ann she had indicated that the CPF better get their act together and resolve her prize monies by Friday when the organisation is expected to host its prize-giving function at the Cascadia Hotel.

She told Newsday yesterday: “I am waiting to see what CPF is going to do because when I entered the competitions, I didn’t make any arrangement with the government, it was with the CPF.”

But she also took note of recent utterances by government ministers within the past week when they repeatedly stated that we were not yet in a recession and stated, “even if it was so, I don’t think $250,000 could bail out the financial problems in the country or jump start it in another direction.”

Lyons-Alvarez, who is also winner of the People’s Choice prize and Road March competition questioned why only her prize was being cut and not that of any of the other competitors.

She stated: “At the end of the day, if on Friday they don’t come up with what they advertised the prizes to be I will decide whether I’m going to explore all my options and do what I have to do. I am not responsible for who owns 80 percent of the show, I just showed up and performed.”

A concerned Lyons-Alvarez added: “I have a brand new daughter, I need milk and pampers. And if the economy is affecting them it is affecting me too.”

To put on both her performances on Fantastic Friday, Lyons-Alvarez said it cost her some $200,000 in costuming and outfitting her dancers.

She stated: “I am open to all options but I’m hoping that they get this resolved before Friday’s prize-giving, and not give me anything else to worry about but my baby.”


"Fay-Ann to get her $1M"

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