Fitun still awaits approval for march

He is also expected to make an announcement today regarding the body’s plans.

Last Friday, Philbert said he was not giving the union, or any of the other individuals who sought clearance, permission to hold any public protest.

The commissioner cited security concerns.

“We must be careful that outsiders may come here and it is not the duty of the persons who have applied to ensure other persons do not join them and create havoc.” FITUN had applied to have the protest in the vicinity of Woodford Square, in Port-of-Spain, several blocks away from the Hyatt Regency, where the summit will take place over the weekend.

Although Abdulah met with Philbert on Saturday to discuss an alternate route, Abdulah said they were still waiting on the commissioner to say if the new route was acceptable.

He added, “Our position remains that we have a right to peacefully demonstrate.” he said.

He also refused to say what the new route was.

And in support of the protest is the Public Services Association, a member of FITUN.

In a statement yesterday, PSA president Jennifer Baptiste-Primus said the views and concerns of ordinary citizens must be of paramount importance.


"Fitun still awaits approval for march"

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