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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Hotline, Direct TV leave Natalie smiling

NATALIE DAVIDSON and her family can now look at television in any part of their Powder Magazine, Cocorite home. Davidson’s husband Berry said that on December 19, they paid for three cable boxes to be activated from Direct TV, so they could have the comfort of watching television in various rooms of their home. However, the connections were not working. Berry said they reported the matter to Direct TV and were told that the cable box would be repaired within five to seven working days by a technician. This did not happen.

After The People’s Newspaper intervened on the family’s behalf, a technician visited the house and the problem was rectified on April 26. “Thank you Hotline, I can sit anywhere in my home and look at cable tv, thank you again,” Berry said.

According to Brian Clarke Direct TV Senior Manager of Business Development, a rebate for Davidson is currently being processed for the period January 13 to April 26. He said the extra cable box costs $29 per month.


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