Men facing murder charge

Hours after Daniel, 39, the wife of Army Lance Corporal Stanley Nottingham, was shot in the back by bandits who hijacked her car on Wednesday afternoon, one of the killers was held while police retrieved the murder weapon and a pair of slippers in Daniel’s car. The second murder suspect was later picked up. Both men remain in custody.

Police sources said discussions were held on whether or not the military should move into Diego Martin and “lock down” the area, reminiscent of what was done after a soldier was shot dead in Richplain a year ago. However, no camp will be set up since suspects have been detained and there have been no untoward incidents in the aftermath of the Daniel killing, to warrant such a move.

“There were discussions on the subject between persons from both sides on Wednesday. However, after that, the matter did not come up. I believe it is because we already have the suspects so, the action may not be needed at this time,” a police source said.

“Investigations are fully wrapped-up, and the file on the matter would be in the hands of the Ag Director of Public Prosecutions early next week,” the source added.

Six men were held soon after Daniel was murdered. Two were held as the prime suspects while the other four remain in custody for other criminal acts.

The two women were hijacked as they sat chatting in Daniel’s gold-coloured Nissan Almera. Two armed bandits jumped into the car, placed a gun to Daniel’s side, and ordered her to drive.

Having turned onto the Diego Martin Main Road, she frantically drove into the West End Police Station. The gunman then pulled the trigger and shot her in the back. Daniel died on the spot. An autopsy report later revealed that the bullet pierced her heart.


"Men facing murder charge"

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