Great show but...

The production crew deserves high praises for pulling together an impressive display of sets, costumes and lighting. Congratulations!

I’ve attended all five of the Chorale’s musical productions and it’s wonderful to see how they improve every year.

However, there is one sore point for me every year. The supporting male cast outshines the lead.

As with the previous shows, with the exception of Oliver, the male lead gave a terribly disappointing performance. This continues to surprise me — and I’m perplexed as to why the Chorale seems to be unable to cast a capable actor. It’s such a pity because rather than the supporting actors contributing to the magic created by the lead, they ultimately end up propping up the show.

In this production, Gaston (played by Marlon de Bique) and Cogsworth (played by Andrew Seepersad) gave brilliant performances which covered the weaknesses of Beast (played by Jonathon Morgan).

Thankfully, the females are always well cast and I must extend my congratulations to Belle (played by Tramaine Lamy) and Babette (played by Gerelle Forbes). That being said, I plead with the Producer / Director...please sirs, pay more attention to your casting.

However, overall, Beauty and the Beast was truly an enjoyable production. Again, congratulations to the Festival Arts Chorale and I look forward to your 2010 production.


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"Great show but…"

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