Faith’s records missing

Efforts to reach South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) Medical Chief of Staff, Dr Stephen Ramroop yesterday for confirmation and comment proved futile.

However, a medical source at the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) where Faith, at six days old, was taken for treatment for seizures, could not confirm fully (the disappearance of the records) but said news making the rounds at the Hospital was that the records had gone missing.

While being treated for the seizure, an intravenous needle slipped from Faith’s right hand causing intravenous fluid to leak onto and severely burn the baby’s hand and wrist.

The source said the parents of Faith visited the SFGH yesterday morning to collect the records to be taken to the EWMSC but were told they could not be found.

The 22-day-old baby’s father, Earl Davis, last night confirmed on a television station’s news segment that the files had gone missing. Newsday was also informed that the family’s attorney Anand Ramlogan was informed of the missing records.

“I don’t understand why a baby’s medical records would go missing. That should not take more than 48 hours to photo copy and hand over to the parents. The longer the hospital takes to disclose patients’ medical records, the greater the suspicion of interference, alteration and even rewriting (of the medical records) becomes,” Ramlogan said.

“If the baby’s medical records have in fact gone missing then there should be a criminal investigation to determine who stole the medical records and why. What are they trying to hide?” Ramlogan asked.

Ramlogan said that some time today he will apply under the Freedom of Information Act for the records and if they are not produced, will file a Claim in the High Court to obtain an Order to compel the officers to produce these medical records.

He then called on Health Minister Jerry Narace to intervene in the matter and appoint an independent panel of medical exerts to determine whether or not baby Faith was treated negligently.

Baby Faith is expected to be admitted into the Paediatric Ward this afternoon in preparation for tomorrow’s skin graft surgery on her right hand. Allegations made of negligence by doctors and/or nurses in treating baby Faith led to an immediate investigation by management at the South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA).

In a previous Newsday report, Dr Ramroop stated that he was satisfied that the injuries were not caused by negligence but most likely by the child suffering a seizure which led to the needle coming out and the intravenous fluid seeping onto baby Faith’s hand.


"Faith’s records missing"

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