Chinese kitchen closed

According to a medical health official, after public health officers revisited the camp at Ramsaran Trace, Bejucal Road, Cunupia, the construction company officials were told to keep the kitchen closed. They also ordered no cooking should be done on the premises.

About 70 Chinese labourers took protest action by walking from their camp to the Uriah Butler Highway to protest their claim of non- payment of salaries for more than two months.

They also complained of living conditions which also prompted their actions for the contractor to pay them their money and return them to China on Tuesday.

The workers were arrested that day by police officers in front the Chinese Embassy and taken back to the camp.

As a result, they have boycotted work at the Aranjuez Government Secondary and Fiver Rivers Government Secondary Schools for the fourth day yesterday.

Reports indicate about 25 workers were seen on the school’s compound at Arouca.

According to the medical official, a number of defects were pointed out within the kitchen area by health officials of County Caroni on Thursday.

Defects included the non-tiling of the floor, no proper work tables, no fly-proofing, no separate sinks to wash vegetable, and hands, no proper storage for frozen and dry food and food being placed directly on the ground.

The company officials were also warned about the grease and grime on the walls and extractor fans, which prompted the action by the health officials to keep the kitchen closed.

The medical health officials who asked to remain anonymous said as a temporary measure the construction company officials should immediately start cleaning and sanitising the kitchen area, while putting the necessary infrastructure in place such as tiling, separate wash sinks, and windows in place.

Cleaning and disinfecting of the concrete latrines and washrooms, a few steps away from the kitchen area were also recommended by the Public Health people.

Reports indicated that police officers visited the labourers on Thursday as part of an investigation that they, the workers, were not fed.

Newsday learnt from a well-informed source that some of the labourers have not eaten since the food supply was being rationed to them as a form of action to get them back to work by BLCC.

Meanwhile, Public Health officials plan to revisit the camp on Monday when they will again check on the conditions.

A report of the conditions at the camp will be handed to the Chief Medical Officer Health (CMOH) Caroni, who will submit a report to the Ministry of Health on Monday to make a decision on whether the camp should be closed.


"Chinese kitchen closed"

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