Students in violent clash

Yesterday’s fights broke out after a Form Five student from El Do West was allegedly attacked by students from El Do East, while on his way to school. Upon hearing what had happened, over 1,000 El Do West students walked out of their classes and into the schoolyard demanding of teachers, security guards and the police, protection against their El Do East counterparts.

While this was happening, a gang of El Do East students reportedly ran up to the front gate of the school and hurled bottles and stones at the students assembled in the schoolyard. They also attempted to enter the compound but were prevented from doing so by male teachers and security guards.

This is the third fight between students of the schools within the past three weeks.

On Monday an El Do West Form Five male student was beaten by students from El Do East and last week, a female Form Six student of El Do West was beaten unconscious by students from the other school, while she was at the Priority Bus Route awaiting transport home.

A party of Tunapuna police officers visited both schools yesterday but by that time, normalcy had returned to both school. At about 11 am, classes at El Do west school were dismissed for the day and it was announced that there would be no classes today.

An official at the school, who asked not to be identified, expressed fear that students from the other school would try to invade the school to continue their attacks on students.

The official added that during an emergency meeting yesterday at the school, which was attended by the School’s Supervisor for that area, it was agreed that the perimeter fence of the school would be repaired and reinforced “immediately” .

President of the National Parent Teachers Association Zena Ramatali yesterday slammed parents for not taking seriously their responsibility in not only seeing to the physical needs of their children but also to develop in them a sense of discipline and understanding right from wrong.

“We must send a message saying that we are not going to tolerate the type of indiscipline that we are seeing in school today,” Ramatali said.

She called for the immediate suspension of any student caught in deviant behaviour and for a thorough investigation into the clash betwen El Do West and East students. TTUTA president Rouston Job called on the Education Ministry to devise a plan to combat school violence.


"Students in violent clash"

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