CHRI against Rwanda readmission

“Wait”, she said, “there is no hurry, let’s see what happens after general elections due in 2010. The state of governance and human rights in Rwanda does not satisfy Commonwealth standards. Rwanda therfore, does not qualify for admission.” The situation with regard to human rights within Rwanda has been an ongoing concern for many international agencies, Daruwala told Newsday.

“The Commonwealth and a lot of powerful countries want them in. But we say no.”

Daruwala of New Delhi spoke to Newsday during a break in one of the sessions at the Human Rights assembly at the Commonwelath Peoples Forum.

According to Daruwala, Rwanda’s application for membership into the Commonwealth is likely to be on the agenda at this weekend’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

CHRI has recommended instead that an independent commission of eminent Commonwealth statespersons, representatives of leading pan-Commonwealth non governmental agencies along with experts on the applicant country should be set up to review Rwanda’s application and report to the Heads of Government.

“CHOGM should make no decision on Rwanda except to set up a procedure to examine their eligibility for membership,”she said.


"CHRI against Rwanda readmission"

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