No clear cut case against Rowley

Manning dropped the hint of disciplinary action when he addressed a news conference at the Office of the Prime Minister in St Clair on Monday, as he spoke about Rowley’s strong condemnation of the Property Tax Bill 2009 in the House of Representatives last Friday.

Article 22 (3) of the PNM constitution indicates any member who expresses an opinion which its General Council deems harmful to the party’s interests, is required to explain his or her conduct to the satisfaction of the Council. Failure to do so, leaves the member “liable to such disciplinary action as the General Council may deem fit.”

Article 22 (5) states if the General Council deems the conduct of any member as harmful to the PNM’s interests, the member will be liable to such disciplinary action as the Council may determine. PNM members charged with a breach of discipline can be suspended while the General Council investigates the charge.

Article 22 (7) states disciplinary charges against PNM members be disposed of expeditiously and the charges lapse within six months of the date on which the charges were laid.

Article 22 (8) adds that any PNM member who has been suspended or expelled by the General Council has a right to appeal to the next annual convention of the party.

PNM officials yesterday said it has not been determined whether Rowley’s actions constitute a breach of any of the provisions of Article 22 which deals specifically with party discipline.


"No clear cut case against Rowley"

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