Businessmen call for action

The TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TTCIC) in a release described the situation as dire and said they will be working with United Way and other relevant reputable agencies to determine what is required and to ensure proper distribution of aid to the people of Haiti.

They called on the business community to assist with this critical initiative. They noted that further information with respect to their efforts will be shared with their members as quickly as possible.

Also in a release, the Downtown Owners Merchants Association (DOMA) requested the urgent support of the national community in donating relief supplies for Haiti.

A special request is being made for bedding, blankets, canned food, clothing, tarpaulins, bottled water, lighting equipment, portable generators and first aid supplies. This effort is being co-ordinated with the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) and contributions may be sent directly to the YMCA at Benbow Road off Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain.

DOMA pointed out that even before the earthquake, the people of Haiti were deserving of our concern and support and now that this serious tragedy has occurred, that need is greater than ever.

Officials at Electrical Industries Limited (EIL) of Arima, which has ties with Haiti, expressed concern that they have not been able to contact their client since the incident.

“We spoke to them earlier in the day but right after the earthquake, we tried to contact them but have not been able to reach our client Matelec which is based in Port-au-Prince,” stated Export Supervisor Deri Fairley.

EIL has been supplying electrical cables to Matelec for the last six years.


"Businessmen call for action"

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