Shurwayne takes Groovy Monarch

One point separated him from the queen he dethroned, Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez, who placed second with 53 points.

Winchester came out in fine form, with a supporting cast and props to depict an emergency room, complete with doctors, nurses and ward attendants.

The mammoth crowd was moved during Winchester’s performance and the loud cheers and whistles did not stop during a dramatic skit, in which his fans looked on in suspense as he was challenged in a wining session and was eventually “murdered” by a scantily dressed woman, who weighed over 300 pounds, with a “heavy bumper”.

He last won in the Groovy Soca Monarch with “Don’t Stop” in 2006, a year in which he also won the Power Soca Monarch crown with “Dead or Alive”.

“This is not a comeback and I thank God for winning. I could feel the natural vibes and went on stage to please the people and left the rest up to the judges but I did not believe I was going to win the competition,” Winchester told Newsday yesterday, as he rested for performances with his band You for two fetes last night.

He was not at the Oval when the results were announced but got a call from one of his dancers with the news on his way home from a fete which he went straight to after his performance at the competition.

Winchester also congratulated his main competitor Fay Ann, as well as JW and Blaze who won the Power Soca Monarch.

Fay Ann, last year’s Groovy Soca Monarch winner, was able to garner a lot of support from the crowd, but failed to retain her title. She performed in position eight, singing “Start Wining”, in which she had women representing China, India, Hawaii, Africa, and Trinidad and Tobago, who each demonstrated the way to wine in their respective countries.

Rikki Jai, who made his debut in the Groovy Soca Monarch with “Barman”, placed third. With a bar on stage, and sexy dancers, Jai’s performance was quite entertaining and had the crowd singing from start to finish.


"Shurwayne takes Groovy Monarch"

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