Mac Farlane ‘resurrects’

Glenn Jacob, 36, from Texas has been a fan of this country’s Carnival for many years. However, he said as much as he loved to see “women on the roads palancing. Nothing beats the classics.”

Jacob’s sentiments were echoed by others as Mac Farlane’s band of fancy gold clowns, blue devils, stylised pierrot grenade, fancy sailors, dame lorraines and burrokeets paraded past the Adam Smith Square venue. There were no bikinis or beads in this band, with masqueraders parading fully-clothed, except for the devils, in intricately decorated costumes of cloth, masks and elaborate hats.

Mac Farlane also shied away from the kaleidoscope of opting for more subtle tones of gold, white and brown cotton with hints of bright shades for fancy sailors and hats for the dame lorraines.

However, it was a long day for the members of the band as up to 8 pm, Mac Farlane, who made it to South Quay after lunch, had not crossed the judging point at Queen’s Park Savannah, encountering a bottleneck of small and medium bands on the way to the venue.


"Mac Farlane ‘resurrects’"

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