Analyst: It’s an admission of failure

“It is an admission of his failure to deliver governance to this country,” Ramsamooj suggested yesterday.

Ramsamooj warned, however, that Manning’s announcement may be “nothing more than a political smokescreen to see the white in the eyes of his political enemies thereby allowing him to strategise the best course of political action.”

He said Manning must also remember that he had lost a general election in 1991 before it was constitutionally due.

During yesterday’s People’s National Movement (PNM) special convention to celebrate the life of PNM founder Dr Eric Williams at the Chaguaramas Convention Centre, Manning effectively put the party on a general election footing.

The PM said he had directed party officials to begin the process of selecting candidates with immediate effect but stopped short of identifying a date for the election.

Manning also made no mention of the much-anticipated local government election, which is expected to take place in July.

The Prime Minister said screening of candidates for the general election would begin in his San Fernando East constituency on April 7.

Ramsamooj said under the Westminister system, it was the prime minister’s prerogative to call a general election at his pleasure.

“One must understand the political rationale for such a decision. Either the prime minister believes that his political tenure is somewhat threatened or he believes he can increase his parliamentary majority by the perceived weaknesses of the Opposition parties,” he said.

Ramsamooj said the existing political dynamics of the country suggested a possible political campaign based on the issues of crime, corruption and competence.

“The recent public posturing of the Prime Minister suggest that there are levels of dissatisfaction within certain quarters of the PNM with respect to his leadership,” he said.

“The apparent challenge laid out by the Prime Minister and his political party suggest that he is trying to ensure that he consolidates his political power and that he neutralises any internal political challenges.”

Ramsamooj also urged citizens to put Manning’s recent public statement of a possible Local Government Elections within the context of growing public pressure in the wake of the findings of the Uff Commission, claims of structural defects at the National Academy For the Performing Arts and alleged irregularities in public procurement policies.


"Analyst: It’s an admission of failure"

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