Udecott searches for CEO, COO

Udecott non-executive chairman Jearlean John confirmed yesterday she has accepted Rampaul’s resignation after receiving her letter on Monday.

John told Newsday that after chairing a Housing Development Corporation (HDC) meeting at South Quay, Port-of-Spain, she returned to her office and found the resignation letter from Rampaul on her desk. John is the managing director of the HDC.

“Yes, I received the letter from Rampaul, and I have accepted it,” John said.

John said six human resource firms have been contacted to assist in finding suitably qualified persons for the two positions. While he was executive chairman, Hart also functioned as the CEO, with Rampaul as his second-in-command. She has been managing the daily operations of Udecott since Hart’s resignation.

“I have given the all clear for the six companies to find and assist me in filling those two key positions at Udecott”, said John, who is due to meet with Rampaul today.

Rampaul’s letter cited personal reasons for her resignation which takes effect on April 30 which means she may still be involved in the day-to-day operations of Udecott for another month. Newsday understands that Rampaul is expected to be called upon to assist the police, who are carrying out a probe of two contracts awarded by Udecott for the Ministry of Legal Affairs Tower and the Tarouba stadium. Newsday understands Rampaul’s resignation came after she was asked to report to the Office of the Prime Minister on Monday. She was one of the key figures who appeared before the Uff Commission of Inquiry to give evidence regarding Udecott’s operations. She was interviewed by ACIB officers last week during their search of Udecott’s office on Sackville Street, Port-of-Spain office. The investigators seized documents, computers and contracts. In an unrelated matter, John yesterday expressed excitement at the decision by Prime Minister Patrick Manning to ask Udecott to manage the upgrade of six hospitals in the country.

Manning made the announcement during a sitting of the Senate on Monday.

John said she will meet with the consultants for the projects next Wednesday.

“If we can achieve a standard of bringing world class health facilities here, which will not only serve our own people, with respect to the health services, but will also develop our own health professionals and even extend beyond our boundaries to encourage health tourism, I think the purpose of Udecott will be well served.”


"Udecott searches for CEO, COO"

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