Spend $300 million on desal plants

And his latest promise of $300 billion for Laventille? Well, when I heard that I got so vex. What have these people done to deserve our hard earned tax dollars?

The people in Laventille like the life they live so leave them so! A PM with some sense would have used that $300 million to build a desal plant so everyone can get water, or fix some roads. Why must you continue to allow these people to be a drain on the society? Let them go to school and get a job like everyone else. I get damn vex when my tax dollars have to go and mind big hard back men and women who cannot see beyond a ten days and a a smart card."But I on the other hand have to suffer for water because Manning's 20/20 vision only includes buildings. As my grandmother used to say, "is best they did plant a fig tree." At least you would have gotten a bunch of fig.

So Mr Manning continue to squander away the country's money, come next election, and I can't wait to vote, you will join your partner Bas!


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"Spend $300 million on desal plants"

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