Love vibes fill Savannah

Hammond was the perfect ambassador of love and romance, appearing on stage dressed in all white and wearing a cap and sporting a handsome smile, and with a cool disposition, Hammond delved straight into “She’s A Winner”, then into “Falling in Love All Over Again”, which had most of the lovers in the crowd in tight embraces. The precious moments with Hammond continued with classics like “Come Back Home”, “Love Gets Stronger”, “Tempted to Touch”, “Putting Up a Resistance”, “Can You Play Some More”, “I Wish”, “I Feel Good”, “No Disturb Sign” and “Love Means Never Having to Say I’m Sorry”. Hammond closed off his love session with the classic “Rockaway”, which reminded patrons of the good ole days when songs use to make you rock away and love used to reign. Hammond lamented in his lyrics that “Now There’s hardly any safe place left to go someone’s bound to come an try to spoil the show.”

But Hammond didn’t have to worry about that Saturday night, as the only thing which seemed to be on the minds of patrons were romance, love, peace and good vibes, which Hammond was able to provide in abundance.

Earlier, Local Reggae group, Orange Sky opened the show, which set the pace for a night of love, for the Jamaican hardliners. At about 11.30 pm, Gyptian, the lanky Jamaican Reggae artiste dressed in a blue long sleeve shirt and jeans, began his repertoire with hits like “Beautiful Lady”, “Ma Ma”. The crowd went crazy for his latest single “Hold Yuh”, which he performed last and was brief and which didn’t quite satisfy patrons, but with the likes of Morgan Heritage up next, the good vibes continued with the Heritage group, featuring Jah Petes and Gramps Morgan, who thrilled the crowd with many favourites like “She’s Still Loving Me”, “Tell Me How Come”, “Your Best Friend”, “Don’t Haffi Dread”, “Down By The River” and other classics, which had the appreciation of the crowd.

The concert, which was embraced by a mammoth crowd of both the young and the young at heart, also saw Shaggy and Rayvon who were in spectacular form. Shaggy did many songs from a repertoire of hits, and alongside Rayvon, had patrons energised.

Shaggy began his set “Long Time” and included songs like “Boombastic”, “It Wasn’t Me”, and a list of other songs that had the audience mesmerised from start to finish at 4am.


"Love vibes fill Savannah"

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