Warner: PM should resign

Warner said Blair did not announce a snap election but resigned as Prime Minister and as Leader of the Labour Party.

He also noted that the former British PM kept his embrace of the Roman Catholic faith an entirely personal and private matter while he was in office while in contrast PM Manning “flaunted his brand of religion when confronted with his spiritual adviser’s virtual cathedral on land at Guanapo Heights handed over by the Government.”

He called on Manning to rise to developed country governance standards and resign.

Warner also took issue with Manning’s continued defence of former Udecott boss Calder Hart, although he was aware of Hart being the subject of possible criminal investigations as it related to his chairmanship of Udecott.

“Our Prime Minister has chosen to continue in his serial bungling; general abuse of office; nepotism; misuse of public funds; and violation of the constitutional rights of citizens of our Republic,” he stated.


"Warner: PM should resign"

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