Sources: Hart to return Monday

It remains unclear if Hart will be accompanied by his wife Sherrine. The legal sources also did not say what time Hart would be flying in on Monday.

The couple fled Trinidad to Florida, one month ago, on March 6, after Hart resigned from Udecott and four other State boards. They left the country after Prime Minister Patrick Manning had a conversation with Hart. On March 5, Manning found out from Attorney General John Jeremie that Hart may have charges to answer in relation to the investigations of several Udecott projects.

The Harts are being sought by officers of the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau (ACIB) to assist them in a probe into the award of a $368 million contract for the Ministry of Legal Affairs Tower. Police investigators told Newsday yesterday they were unaware that Hart is expected to return on Monday but added that when he arrives they are eager to execute a search warrant at his Cascade home. On March 24, the police went with a search warrant to the Harts’ home but when they got there the gate was locked and no one was at the house.

The warrant states the officers want to search for documents which they believe could assist them in their probe.

Last week, Jeremie told reporters, at the post-Cabinet media briefing, that the police did not wish to speak with Hart at this time, and added that he was under the impression that Hart was due to return to the country at the end of March.

Sources have repeatedly said the police have been unable to reach Hart at the two telephone numbers which were passed on to them. It was believed that Hart may have gone to the United Kingdom, since 0444, the area code for that country, was given as one of the contact numbers for him. Hart has featured prominently in the recently concluded Uff Commission of Inquiry and the Report which recommends a criminal probe of the Legal Affairs Tower and Brian Lara Stadium projects.

Contacted yesterday, Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard said he had no knowledge of Hart’s expected return.

“I don’t know anything about that. The police have not given me any such information,” Gaspard firmly said.

Attorney Timothy Hamel-Smith yesterday commented, “I will believe it when it happens” when told that Hart was expected back next week. Hamel-Smith is part of the legal team for the Congress of the People which obtained documents showing a link between the Harts and directors of the Malaysian firm that was awarded the Ministry of Legal Affairs contract.


"Sources: Hart to return Monday"

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