Dookeran: I’m all for unity

“Our economy is strong but the future is bleak because they still do not know how to manage the economy. We must find the right approach and if we allow this Government one more day in government, we will have to go cap in hand to international financial agencies,” Dookeran warned.

Comparing the present financial situation as “financial terrorism” Dookeran said the Patrick Manning administration did not understand how to deal with the problem of poverty or the financial risks facing the nation.

He warned the ruling PNM Government could employ the tactics of fear by which to remain in the corridors of power. “The real issue is whether we will surrender in fear because the politics of fear is being employed to keep people from changing their voting habits. Our economy is strong but the future is weak. Let us not succumb to fear but let us embrace freedom,” Dookeran said and also gave his assurance to workers employed on the CEPEP programme that their jobs would remain secure under a Kamla Persad-Bissessar government.

Dookeran said his appearance on the platform was also to “endorse the candidacy of (UNC political leader), Persad-Bissessar as the new Prime Minister.”

“It was the dream of the Congress of the People to have a national party and thanks to Kamla, the magnet of unity, for making that dream possible.” Dookeran also stated that a commission of inquiry would be instituted into the events of 1990 following the election of a new government.

In her address, Persad-Bissessar called for an investigation into whether any person was guilty of the offence of “tipping off” former Udecott chairman, Calder Hart, prior to the laying in Parliament of the Uff Commission of Inquiry into Udecott.

She said Prime Minister Patrick Manning had a duty to tell the population when he knew and what he knew about the activities of Hart.


"Dookeran: I’m all for unity"

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