Terri Lyons voices PNM song

Terri Lyons’ voice can be heard campaigning for the PNM with the song “Manning going right back into government.”

The song has been used on political ads for radio and television. It is also heard on the ruling party’s campaign trail. It may be even considered a road march of sorts as loyal PNM supporters sing along heartily when the tune is played. When Newsday first contacted Lyons, she said she could not comment because she was taking care of her ailing grandfather and to call back later.

When contacted again, Lyons referred Newsday to her manager Darryl Braxton who said he had “no comment”on the PNM campaign song.

Lyons is the daughter of renowned Soca icon and Road March king Austin “SuperBlue” Lyons.

The young Lyons grabbed listeners’ attention this year with the song “Smile,” a duet with local artiste Ataklan. She also produced a video for the song.


"Terri Lyons voices PNM song"

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