Govt official: It’s not true

The correspondence also made references to the Prime Minister’s Residence and Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s and raised questions over a possible direct connection between Prime Minister Patrick Manning and the project.

When asked, during a media conference yesterday, if Persad-Bissessar’s claims were factual, the official replied: “Not true, it’s not true.” Asked if claims that a similar design and plan to that of the Prime Minister’s Residence and Diplomatic Centre Outdoor Theatre was being used for the construction of the church, the official replied, “If you look at it, it is the same company — Shanghai Construction Company that is doing it and that is a fact.

“It is not a Udecott project and Persad-Bissessar cannot produce any evidence of this. This is silly season. Everyday they are coming up with something, this is nonsense, first was death threats, then the Prado incident and now this. From my perspective, the UNC has stalled and the PNM is surging and I just can’t imagine what will happen tomorrow. They are just doing this to bring sympathy.”


"Govt official: It’s not true"

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