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Thursday 22 February 2018

Rallies incident free

OVER 500 police officers were yesterday deployed at the PNM and UNC rallies in Macoya and Aranjuez Savannah, respectively, to ensure both events were generally incident free and a high police visibility was maintained at all times. From as early as 8 am, police officers reported for duty and took positions at tents erected at the Eddie Hart Grounds in Tacarigua and at the Aranjuez Savannah. Along the Priority Bus Route, which was opened to general traffic for yesterday only, also saw a large police presence.

All Senior Superintendents and members of the police executive including Acting Police Commissioner James Philbert visited their charges and got a first-hand look at the security operations put in place in Aranjuez and Tacarigua.

Philbert told Newsday he was pleased with the arrangements put in place and was proud of the way officers took control of the situation and created an atmosphere where the public felt safe.

Checks with traffic police revealed that several traffic breaches were detected and members of the public were served with tickets. Officers also carried out breathalayser tests along the priority bus route and the Eastern Main Road. Soldiers were present to lend assistance to the police while the blimp hovered in the sky at both venues but at different times.


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