Dookeran meets COP candidates

He said yesterday was mostly to say “thanks” to the people who helped with the campaign and also keeping in touch with the COP candidates who were unsuccessful in Monday’s election.

The COP was successful in securing six of the ten seats contested with Dookeran bringing home the Tunapuna constituency previously held by former Education Minister, Esther Le Gendre.

“I met with several of them today, but most of them I spoke to over the telephone.

Today we will meet to put our thoughts together as to what future we have to build for the new Government. That is next on our agenda,” he said.

While the hours of the first day after a victorious General Election were fast drawing to an end, (the Newsday only caught up with the COP leader late yesterday evening), and despite going to bed at 6 am yesterday, Dookeran said he still had one more meeting to attend.

“Hopefully it would not last as long as the previous one (on Monday night),” he said with a laugh.


"Dookeran meets COP candidates"

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