All 11 PNM MPs back Rowley

Enill scotched previous reports that only ten MPs were backing Rowley, amid claims that Diego Martin North East MP Colm Imbert was not supporting Rowley but was himself seeking to become Opposition Leader. Enill said a letter with the names of all 11 of Rowley’s colleagues was sent yesterday to President George Maxwell Richards, indicating support for Rowley to become Opposition Leader.

“That was communicated to the President today. That process is now complete. The President today received all the signatures supporting Dr Rowley.”

He said the ceremony for the President to present Rowley with the instruments of appointment as Opposition Leader would be held at 4 pm on Friday. Enill noted that meanwhile, Rowley has until June 14 - the date tentatively set for the opening of Parliament - to select six Opposition Senators. “He is consulting widely,” remarked Enill of Rowley. Otherwise Enill said he was now simply trying to ensure that the PNM’s transitional arrangements– as it moves from the leadership of former Prime Minister Patrick Manning to Rowley– are done “without acrimony or negatives” that often mark such handovers.

Asked if he would offer to make himself available to be an Opposition Senator, Enill said he had been too busy with the transitional arrangements to consider that idea. “I belong to the organisation, and I will do what is in the best interests of the organisation,” he said.

Asked if he had a good relationship with Rowley, Enill replied, “Absolutely.” Meanwhile, Rowley yesterday told Newsday he is awaiting his appointment as Leader of the Opposition, before selecting his team in Parliament. Rowley said, “The President has received the documentation. By Friday I should have that instrument. On Friday there should be an Opposition Leader.”

Asked who will be his Opposition Senators, he said, “On Friday I should be Opposition Leader, and then I will attend to those matters.” Regarding Opposition Chief Whip, he said he had not yet chosen anyone.


"All 11 PNM MPs back Rowley"

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